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-Spokesman of Latil-family, Christian Latil, Provence, France.
I am very happy to see that the Latil's vehicle was good quality and continue to drive even at present in Finland. I like very much the photos of detail both Latil and the videos which put us in the heart of the action.
All my congratulations to the owner of these vehicles, and to Juha who presents them to us in a pleasant way in this Website.

-Joe Brunson, Collections Manager, WWII Victory Museum, USA.
I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Juha. His enthusiasm and knowledge about Latil vehicles is obvious. I congratulate him on his efforts to this point and I wish him luck as he continues his research endeavors and his efforts to further develop his website.

-KD Raught.
Sharp pictures of great historic vehicle!

-Jean Houcke, France.
Hello! Very nice site for an french truck. Thank you!

J'adore !!! Bravo pour ce site web qui présente à merveille ces fabuleux engins que sont les véhicules LATIL. Dommage qu'ils soient si rares. Félicitations.

-Peter Berry.
Great to see some photos, I have a Latil Timber tractor that we still use, good to see all of these keep up the good work.

-David Latil.
Pretty cool website! I have been looking for pictures of the Latil tractor and other vehicles.Keep up the good work.

Grace à votre site ,j'ai pu voir et entendre le latil que mon pere a conduit pendant la seconde guerre mondiale et ainsi pouvoir vivre certaines anecdotes ,je n'ai qu'un mot à dire : merci pour toutes ces emotions longue vie à votre site .

-John Fernandes, GHQ Models, USA.
I'm always delighted to find someone as dedicated to preserving the 'technological' history of the Twentieth Century as you. May you continue to find the success and recognition you justly deserve!